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Fitbit Watchfaces

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This project is no longer maintained.

Fitbit Versa

Minimaly Digital open_in_new

A beautiful and clean clockface. Date, the Time and current heart rate or steps always visible. No colors or other disrupting elements.

Photo by MaurĂ­cio Mascaro from Pexels

Fitbit Versa

3Bar open_in_new

A digital clock with steps, active minutes and calories visible on screen 1, and distance, stairs climbed and battery % visible on screen 2 (Tap the screen to switch between). All this data is presented in a pleasing bar that fills up as you get closer to your goals. The time, date and your pulse are always visible on the bottom half of the screen.

Fitbit Versa

Corner Flag open_in_new

This is a digital clock with all you need easily visible on the screen: Icons turn green when daily goals are reached. - Battery % visible beneath the date. White bar = 100% power, black bar = 0%. The bar gets darker as the battery drains.

Fitbit Versa

Squircle open_in_new

A digital clockface. Time visible in the center. Steps, distance and calories burned visible in colored bars that fill up as you reach your daily goal. Date visible on the top, and weekday marked on the right side. Battery charge visible as a bar under the time.

Fitbit Versa

Digital to Text open_in_new

A clean, beatuifull and simple clockface that shows the time in text up front, and digital in the background. Date below the time. Top bar represents % of battery left, bottom bar represents % of steps goal reached.